#1 Cyril Hovorun

This episode of R&T is a recording from a conversation taking place in March, 2021 as a part of the Conversations Series.

Professor Hovorun examines how political theology intertwined with realpolitik and how it led to military action in the wars of the 21st century. The conversation delves deeper into the the origin of ‘political Orthodoxy’ as a concept (or political strategy) and its viable distinction from the Russian world as an idea, as a project, as an ideology, or a cultural mechanism. In dialogue with an audience, Professor Hovorun problematizes the meaningful distinctions between the ideologies of Byzantinism, Orthodoxies and Easternism and proposes novel directions to which Orthodox Christian social policy shall be redirected.

Music for the Conversation Series is generously provided by the Shavnabada Choir

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