#3 Svenungsson, Fridlund & Linjamaa

This episode is a recording from a conversation taking place in June, 2021 as a part of the Conversations Series.

In this episode, the three speakers, Jayne Svenungsson, Patrik Fridlund, and Paul Linjamaa examine the shifting and at times counterintuitive dimensions of the concept of religion as a category of analysis and category of practice. In this episode, we further problematize the discursive practices of religion as a social force in western philosophy, and the functional dimension of religion as a producer and communicator of meaning – in the light of religious involvements in post-truth politics, relativization of factuality and evidence, socio-political implications of those interactions. Lastly, the episode examines the mechanisms concerning constructions of orthodoxy and heterodoxy, and heresiology as a phenomena.

A special thank you to Professor Tymofii Brik, who kindly agreed to substitute our regular host, Tornike, for this episode.

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