What happens when an ancient faith meets a modern pandemic?

Can centuries-old religious practices adapt to unprecedented global challenges? My collaboration with theologians, anthropologists, historians, and political scientists explores how the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped religious practices, exposed tensions, and prompted a reassessment of the church’s social role.

“Orthodox Christianity and the COVID-19 Pandemic” chronicles the resilience and adaptation of Orthodox communities to the pandemic. It examines how different Orthodox Christian churches responded to the health crisis, revealing insights about faith, culture, and crisis management. From Finland’s quiet churches to Greece’s vibrant communities, the book covers Orthodox practices in several countries and their parches, including Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia, Serbia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden.

The book asks whether Orthodox Christianity is evolving in response to societal changes. It examines how ancient traditions have been reconciled with modern health challenges, and highlights the ingenuity of religious leaders in reshaping roles and congregational worship. Each chapter offers a unique narrative that reflects broader societal changes during the health emergency.

“Orthodox Christianity and the COVID-19 Pandemic” will appeal not only to academic audiences, but to anyone interested in the relationship between global events and religious institutions. It delves into the often overlooked or understudied world of the Orthodox Churches. The book encourages readers to reflect and contribute to the dialogue on the evolving role of religion in the contemporary world.

Download the entire manuscript. Open access provided by the Lund University.


  • Tornike Metreveli

    Tornike Metreveli is an Associate Senior Lecturer and a docent in Sociology of Religions at Lund University. His work primarily investigates the intersections of Orthodox Christianity, nationalism, and the practice of religion in daily life.

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